“All of what follows is true.”
-Zuddiger’s Picnic

Twenty-five years ago a small group of powerful men fought and slayed an ancient god of evil. His divine death sent magical ripples through the world, unbinding ancient magics, and altering the fabric of reality. The chaos that followed in the wake of this event affected both the natural and political landscape of the world, and left many regions abandoned by nations and empires unable to maintain or control them.

The Feralwood Forest is one of these regions – a vast untamed frontier inhabited by dangerous monsters, mysterious fey, bandit lords, and powerful supernatural forces. It is a place that has defied civilization for centuries. Now a mighty wizard has set his sights on the challenge to tame it and has secured a claim to the region bought with promises, favors, wealth gifted and debts collected. In turn, he has rewarded four lords with charters to explore and establish a new nation under his patronage.

This is the story of one of those lords and his trusted companions who would explore and make a Kingdom in these lands.

Touch of Fey

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