Touch of Fey

"A Circle of Women"

Game 018 (1/1/13)

Reaper 21-28 Administrative duties. Bronin awards 4 out of 5 of the Mionnfhainne (Oath Rings) to a few of his sworn men (Kesten, Gregory, Clyburn, and Tremal). At the suggestion of Tremal, Bronin meets with Loy and Letricia about developing the ruined waypoint where the Old Empire Road once crossed the Seelie River and the Tatzlewyrm nest was found. Bronin agrees to give them authority to survey and develop the location, though he does not grant funds for development yet. Gregory witnesses Tig trying to fight the logger Corax in Armaki’s inn, newly renamed the Inn of the Holy Bottle. Tig accuses Corax of withholding money from his father, but cannot prove it. For his efforts, Gregory puts him in a jail cell under the Keep for a couple days to scare him strait. Tig withstands the process surprisingly well, displaying an obstinate mettle in the face of fear.
Reaper 29 Expedition prepares to leave Knight’s Keep, but spots Goody Niska watching them as they ride out of town. Circling back, they track her down and attempt to restrain her, realizing she is very pregnant in the process. The decision is made to tie her up and bring her to into town for her and her unborn child’s protection. Failing to talk sense to her, she is put into the care of Lili and a small group of women that includes Saki the barmaid, Magda (Arven’s wife), Elva the Fishmonger, and Agatha (an old crippled widow ). Lili does not handle the situation well, surrendering authority to Elva, who seems the most capable of the group.
Reaper 30 Expedition resumes, heading west into the deeper Feralwood
Archmage 1-2 Exploration continues
Archmage 3 Explore *Lizardfolk Settlement led by “King” Vesket found where the Tuskwater meets the Seelie River. Negotiations fail though the expedition leaves them be for the time being.
Archmage 4-5 Exploration continues
Archmage 6 Explore *The expedition finds Arven’s secret fishing hole and defeats the fearsome snap-turtle Old Crackjaw that lurks there.
Archmage 7 Bronin and Tremal depart for Knight’s Keep with Crackjaws shell. Simon, Gregory, and the Professor continue to explore.
Archmage 8 Explore *A Leucrotta stalks the expedition at night, but is slain when it attempts an ambush. (At Knight’s Keep Bronin and Tremal are awarded Arven’s ring of featherfall for defeating Old Crackjaw)
Archmage 9-10 The group searches for the leucrotta’s lair, eventually tracking it to a secluded valley where a small, but valuable, treasure is found, including a breastplate and shield of blue dragonhide and a magical feather token similar to one of Tiressia’s tree-growing acorns.
Archmage 11-12 Exploration continues, though it is delayed for a time due to a supernatural marsh mist that slows Sir Gregory’s horse to a listless pace.
Archmage 13 The expedition discovers a mud hut at the edge of the marsh. Courtesy and diplomacy brings forth the hag-like resident of the hovel, a woman who calls herself Beldame. Remembering that Myhm once said his mother was called Beldame, they quickly confirm her identity. Expressing joy that Myhm has returned to the Feralwood and that Ox still lives as well, Beldame asks about her third son, Ansil (whom she called her little “River”). Apparently Ansil was taken long ago by the Stag Lord’s men before he had settled in the Fort on the lake – none of those present knew of his fate. The meeting is very informative about both the nature of the fey and the dangerous man known as Kobb. At one point the Professor asks about Beldame’s herb and mushroom garden and learns that she has been seeking Black Rattlecaps, a rare mushroom that the Professor happens to have a small supply of (she offers to buy them for 100gp each).
Archmage 14 The party arrives and successfully negotiates logging term with Tiressia. Simon asks after more of her magical tree-acorns in order to assist in the creation of a grove for fey to be included within the walls of the Church of Heironeous when it is built. Tiressia considers the request, but currently has no acorns to offer.
Archmage 15 The party travels towards Melianse’ Pond. Beldame arrives at Knight’s Keep, seeking out Myhm.
Archmage 16 The party arrives and successfully negotiates logging terms with Melianse.
Archmage 17 Expedition returns to Knight’s Keep.



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