Touch of Fey


Game 021 (5/5/13)


Archmage 29 – Lord Bronin sends a letter of apology to Sir Gregory and invites him back into the Council. The Council meets and discusses the rights of the Council and the authority of the Lord over it.

Archmage 30 – Administration of the Kingdom

Sundawn 1 – A vigil is held for Lady Lili and the women who died in the coven attack.

Sundawn 2 – Bronin asks a small group to investigate a mysterious “barn” mentioned by the wildlanders from the Company of the Star. Traveling to a lumber development about a day’s ride south of Knight’s Keep, the group soon learns that a score of wildlanders weathered the storm in one of their storage barns. A mysterious blood pool is found within, but no body.
Sundawn 4 – A lumber skiff is arranged to assist searching the banks of the Tuskwater downriver from the lumber operation. During the search, Simon directs the skiff to the Vesket’s lizardfolk settlement and enlists their aid in searching the river for a body.

Sundawn 5 – The search party arrives at the southern ford where Loy Resbin and Latricia Evanore have formed a camp and recruited a few dozen others to help them restore the old Empire Bridge and found a community around the site. As they arrive, they notice a blank green flag flying over the camp, and when speaking to Latricia, Simon notices an illustration of a tatzlewyrm among the excavation and site documents in her tent. Latricia explains that it was one suggestion the community has offered as a symbol they might one day use as their local flag. When asked who drew the tatlzewyrm, they are introduced to Emraeli, a forlorn, yet kindly elven woman who is a freed Talon from the Kor Empire, and talented magical diviner. Once a local resident a few centuries back, Emraeli returned to her home looking to establish a library.

As evening approaches, Lord Bronin rides into camp with news – Arven the Fisherman, whose wife was one of the victims of the coven, recalled that she was visited by a prostitute named Faelin a few times shortly before the cult was exposed, and once asked Arven himself about the logging developments to the south of Knight’s Keep. Arven heard that Faelin was suddenly missing from the city, and reported it to Bronin. With a description of Faelin in hand, the group investigates further and are told by Loy that he saw a woman of Faelin’s description enter the camp three nights previous. The group asks Emraeli to help seek Faelin with her magic. She does so, and explains that the woman rides with a group of wildlanders somewhere along the old Empire Road. Giving chase is discussed, with some hesitant to cross the border into the lands of Baron Drelev for fear of creating in incident. The group decides to wait a day, hoping to flag down a boat to speed them downriver.

Sundawn 6 – No boats arrive and Bronin calls off pursuit. The group returns to Knight’s Keep. Funds and resources are assigned to assist Loy and Letricia complete the bridge across the Tuskwater at the tatzlewyrm ford.
Sundawn 7 – Sundawn 30 Lord Bronin and his Council dedicate time to managing the Nation of Syradel.
Terran 1 – Terran 30 Lord Bronin and his Council dedicate time to managing the Nation of Syradel. The Town of Drakehaven is founded on the site of the tatzlewyrm ford.



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