Touch of Fey

"Hunting Legends"

Game 026 (11/30/13)


Farwander 1 Simon awakens from his spiritual journey and is told that Brother Jhod is being buried. He quickly makes his way to the ceremony, stopping at the remains of his cottage to magically construct a sarcophagus for his fellow cleric. Joining the ceremony, led by Sir Ungar Oakfoot, the only follower of Archpaladin available and willing to perform it, Simon offers a few words of his own and encourages Sir Ungar to continue. Later the Lords meet to discuss dealing with the Owlbear. Both Akiros and Fiddlebow are considered for positions in the hunting party, but both make arguments to stay behind.

Farwander 2 The Lords of Syradel depart Knight’s Keep and track the Owlbear north.

Farwander 3 While on the trai l of the Owlbear the Lords are ambushed by Mad Kobb. After a brief fight in which both he and his horse are injured Kobb escapes into the forest.

Farwander 5 The Lords track the Owlbear to a cave in a valley near the source of the Tuskwater. Entering with caution they fight off some violet fungi and negotiate passage by a hungry shambling mound. Drawing near the owlbear’s lair by route of a narrow crevice Bronin and the Professor come across unstable ground and fall into a green slime at the bottom of a deep pit. Luckily both recognize the danger and its weakness to fire and quickly burn the terrible substance away, though not without suffering burns from its acid and their own fire. Climbing out, they are quickly healed by Simon and continue on into a large cave chamber where they are confronted by the legendary Owlbear, which attacks them in a rage. Sir Gregory stands against the creature and takes heavy wounds, but the group prevails and defeats the owlbear. In the chamber they find a nest with the remains of an elf buried within – and a magical firearm that indicates the elf was one of Gaiar’s people, and a note that implicates it in a plot to use the control the owlbear and send it against the Kingdom of Syradel. In another chamber they discover the remains of another owlbear and a still living owlbear cub. Bronin uses his ranger gifts to befriend the cub, though he is warned by Simon that the creature will be trouble.

Farwander 8 The Lords take the owlbear’s cub to Tiressia and attempt to convince her to care for it. She refuses, having little experience tending to creatures that require food and shelter.

Farwander 9 The Lords bring the owlbear cub to the Beldame, who agrees to care for it. Leaving it in her care, and with a magical ring of beastial friendship found on the elf in the Owlbear’s lair, they head for home to the sounds of the cub trashing the old woman’s cottage.

Farwander 10 The Lords return to Syradel as heroes. With the land safe for the moment they settle in to build and expand.

Farwander 13 Bronin visits the Grave of Fireseeds on the anniversary of his animal companion’s death.

Farwander 24-30 Kingdom Administration – It is learned that the town has developed a problem with beggars, troublemakers, and people unable to find adequate work or housing and started camping in tents, wagons, and shanties. The Lords handle the problem by promising to build more housing. Baron Bronin’s decree that women dress in concealing robes when meeting him on official business in the Keep causes bickering among his council, and though no happy resolution is forthcoming, cooler heads prevail for the time being.

Shalm 1-19 The Lords take a break from adventure and spend time in Knight’s Keep.
Shalm 20 The First Day of Summer and the Summer Solstice. A festival is had in Knight’s Keep.
Shalm 24-30 Kingdom Administration. The economy is doing well, but still falling short of expectations. The Church of Heironeous, slated for construction now for months, is delayed once again.



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