Touch of Fey

"Kingdom Rule"

Game 016 (11/23/12)

AKA “Its all fun and games until someone looses a searing light”

Elder 8 – The expedition rests and resupplies at Oleg’s Trading Post.
Elder 9 A cold front moves into the Greenbelt. Bronin gives a speech proclaiming the progress of the nation, but receives only a lukewarm reception from those at Oleg’s Trading Post.
Elder 10 Cold weather delays departure of the expedition.
Elder 11 Cold weather continues. Simon asks Bronin to lock him up to preserve his sobriety.
Elder 12 Oleg’s is snowed in.
Elder 13 The weather breaks and the Expedition travels north to visit Bokken, bringing him Fangberries and purchasing a few of his potions. That night in camp Simon prays for Heironeous’ guidance about his drinking and other misdeeds. In his sleep he receives a prophetic dream about a Banner bearing a Tatzlwurm. In the morning he prepares an augury spell to ask advice about the magical scale mail taken from the Tatzlwurm’s nest and is told to “Give it to those who would raise the Banner.”
Elder 14 Exploration continues. Thinking it a spy, Simon attacks a grig named Honeywing who, along with a few other fae, has taken the form of Ravens to play pranks on the expedition. After nearly killing Honeywing with a searing light spell, he realizes his mistake and heals the creature, but is unable to gain the trust or friendship of the fae.
Elder 15 Exploration continues. The fae harrass Simon with pranks until he makes restitution with one, a faerie dragon named Perlavish, by blasting his own backside with a searing light.
Elder 16-20 Cold weather halts further exploration, forcing the expedition to hold up in Bixen’s Grotto for a few days.
Elder 21 Deciding to brave the cold, the expedition leaves Bixen’s Grotto under limited protective magics in order to reach Syradel by the 23rd. On route they encounters and defeat 2 trolls.
Elder 23 The expedition arrives in Syradel.
*Note: though we jumped forward to handle Kindom Administration, the next game needs to start on the 24th because of certain events, such as another werewolf attack and a problematic visitor.
Elder 24-30 N Admin



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