Touch of Fey

"Lost Boys"

Game 020 (04/14/13)

Tig the mighty

Archmage 25 – Night

Bronin gathers his council and asks them individually if they think they hold some responsibility for the coven of witches and Lili’s death. Those who deny responsibility are asked to leave. Sir Gregory is one of these, and takes offense at being dismissed. After a short discussion with those who remained, Bronin asks the others back inside, but learns that Gregory has already left the keep. A messenger later finds him at Armaki’s Inn of the Holy Bottle, but Gregory refuses the return.

Archmage 26
Bronin calls the citizens of Knight’s Keep to a meeting at the Town Hall where he attempts to garner support and improve moral, but his unprepared speech is not well received. As the meeting ends Tig’s mother approaches Bronin and the council asking after Tig, who has gone missing again. Bronin, Gregory, Simon, and the Professor set out to find him. Asking around town Gregory learns from a stableboy that Tig left town to hunt werewolves dressed in furs taken from inn patrons. Following tracks and educated guesses they eventually find one of Tig’s footprints among a group of lizardfolk, whom are tracked back to their savage village southwest down the Tuskwater.

Archmage 27
At the gates they confront the lizardfolk, learn they found and captured Tig, and that their leader, King Vesket, plans to sacrifice him to an unknown diety called Stisshak. When Vesket emerges from one of their crude huts, he threatens the group and a battle ensues. As the Lizardfolk fall, the false diety Stisshak appears and is recognized as a will o’ wisp. Though it nearly kills Gregory, the group manages to defeat the evil creature, rescue Tig, and convince Vesket to accept Bronin’s authority. On the ride back Tig reveals that a few swigs from a Lord Bronin was the reason for his truancy, casting suspicion on the Professor for having spiked drinks at the Holy Bottle.

Archmage 28
Returning to Knight’s Keep with Tig gains a small measure of trust back from the citizens, but other issues rise in the form of a deligation from the Ascari awaiting Bronin as he rides back into the keep. With them are his sister Calistra, and mother Aliandra, who immediately takes Bronin aside for a scathing lecture about his failings as the Chartered Lord. Throughout the ordeal Bronin maintains his composure, attempting to appear strong and unshaken in his resolve.

Later, Bronin approaches Sir Gregory at the Holy Bottle for a private discussion, but a public argument ensues, reigniting old grievances and leading to Gregory’s official departure from the council.

Eager to fill the vacancy in his council, Bronin offers the position to his sister Calistra, who declines on the advice of their mother. Bronin then approaches the inkeeper Armaki, but he declines it for fear of upsetting the people.

That evening, a few members of the council meet to discuss the turn of recent events, their responsibilities, and the current balance of power in Syradel.



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