Touch of Fey

"Reaper Moon"

Game 017 (12/16/12)

Elder 30 GREATER FULL MOON Citizens of Knight’s Keep gathered in castle. Werewolf encountered and defeated by Sir Gregory, Ungar, Dovan, and Akiros. Thefts reported in the following days.
Reaper 1 GREATER FULL MOON Tatzlewyrm’s scale armor given to Akiros to appease Heironeous. Bronin makes a deal with Dovan – 13 months to prepare the plains at the merging of the Tuskwater and Gold River for a settlement. 1000gp bonus if successful. The expedition departs Knights Keep to continue exploring.
Reaper 2-3 LESSER FULL MOON Exploration continues.
Reaper 4 The expedition encounters tiger and drive it off
Reaper 5 Exploration continues.
Reaper 6 The expedition encounters and defeats the infamous boar Tuskgutter
Reaper 7-9 Snow slows Exploration
Reaper 10-14 Exploration continues.
Reaper 15 The expedition encounters a Thylacine trapped in a pit. Attempts to tame it fail and it is eventually set free.
Reaper 16-18 Exploration continues.
Reaper 19 Return to Knight’s Keep in the afternoon.
Reaper 20 Festival of Reapermas
Reaper 21-28 Admin



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