Touch of Fey

"The Emperor's Road"

Game 015 ( 11/17/12)

Guild 11 – The expedition departs Tiressia’s Grove, traveling to Melianse’s Pond. Melianse places Tiressia’s seeds upon the stumps of the trees cut down by Corax and his men, causing new trees to sprout and grow rapidly to full height. Stas is released, but seems to have developed real feelings for Melianse.
Guild 12-15 A storm forces the expedition to seek shelter for a few days.
Guild 16-18 Exploration continues.
Guild 19 – Expedition stops briefly in Syradel to resupply. Bronin gets in a quickie. Accompanied by Gregory, Simon confesses his actions in the Tatzlewurm incident to recently arrived Jhod, who confronts Bronin again about the need for defined laws. Gregory accuses Bronin of engaging in dirty politics over the incident, which Bronin dismisses as a miscommunication. Bronin gives Jhod authority to set up a legal system as he sees fit, possibly using the beliefs of Heironious as a guide. Egarian, also recently arrived, recounts rumors of troll hordes, giant wolves, and dragons in the Greenbelt, and issues rewards for dealing with them. Eager to continue exploring, Bronin has the expedition depart before the day ends, resting near Nettle’s newly rebuilt bridge.
Guild 20-21 Explore
Guild 22 – A giant dragonfly attacks The Professor, nearly flying off with him before the party can bring it down.
Guild 23 – The expedition travels to Gorumm’s Mire to offer the dragonfly as a gift to the boggard. Gorumm accepts it happily.
Guild 24-27 Exploration continues east up the Ethrai River, following the overgrown remnants of the Emperor’s Road.
Guild 28 – A pair of kelpies attacks the expedition when they stop to gather Fangberries. Another debate ensues about law and justice. Gregory believes the kelpies should be taken back to face Jhod’s judgement, while the rest of the group argues for exile downriver. Exile is chosen by democracy.
Guild 29 – Elder 7 Exploration continues east, following the Emperor’s Road.
Elder 8 – The expedition arrives at Oleg’s Trading Post



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