Touch of Fey

"The Last Ride of Mad Kobb"

Game 027 (12/08/13)

“At Last, after so long, I am free.
A week ago, while hunting along the Tuskwater, I encountered a druid who called himself the Firetender. With powerful magic he was able to break the enchantments that bound me to a witch for over two decades. He taught me much in a short time – about magic, and about the Forest, and how to protect myself from both. I cannot claim to be a good man. Even before the witch cast her spell over me I did things that were unforgivable. I drank, and stole. I was unfaithful and a coward. I am no hero, yet I must return to face the witch and rescue my sons…”

-From the first Journal of Mad Kobb


Hunter 1 The weather is unusually cold, but since it is summer that merely makes for comfortable travel. A small expedition consisting of Baron Bronin, Brother Simon, and Sir Gregory depart Knight’s Keep intending to explore more of their territory. First heading south, they arrive in Drakehaven by the end of the day.

Hunter 2-4 Risking trouble with Baron Drelev, Bronin leads his expedition across the bridge at Drakehaven and explores the land just west of the Seelie. No sight of explorers or scouts are seen in the few days the expedition spends there.

Hunter 5 The expedition returns across the Drakehaven Bridge and heads north, bound for a site northwest of Knight’s Keep called Kobb’s Ford.

Hunter 7 The expedition arrives at Kobb’s Ford as the weather shifts and a heat wave settles across the land. The heat forces the expedition to rest at the ford until Simon can pray for the magic needed to withstand it. While resting the party encounters a nixie that charms Bronin and attempts to do the same to Simon and Gregory. It’s motives unknown, the party talks with it, hoping to gain and ally or information, but when they mention Mad Kobb the nixie becomes worried, retreats into the river, and does not return.

Hunter 8-11 With magic to endure the elements, the expedition continues exploring along the banks of the Seelie River north of Kobb’s Ford.

Hunter 12 The expedition comes across a petrified troll. Sir Gregory realizes that it must be a “rock troll” – a breed of troll that turns to stone in sunlight. He also realizes that King Hargulka was also a rock troll, though what relevance that has is not known. Bronin expresses interest in putting it in his menagerie. A short time later Bronin and Gregory spot a hawk circling above, seemingly following them. Suspecting it to be a spy for Mad Kobb, they decide to fake fatigue and heatstroke in an attempt to lure Kobb into any ambush. The ploy succeeds, and when Kobb arrives to attack the Lords turn and charge, swiftly defeating the wrathful old man.

Hunter 13 The expedition follows Kobb’s horse back to a hollowed out tree he was living in and learn a few things about Mad Kobb. A silver locket bearing a picture of a woman bears an inscription that indicates Kobb is brother to the mad hermit Bokken that lives near Oleg’s Tavern. On a square of cloth the locket was kept in is a rough map that marks a location called “The Lonely Borrow” with an ancient elven rune that matches a rune engraved upon a magical longsword found in Kobb’s possession.

Mad Kobb possessed a few journals and many scrawled notes depicting a man haunted by his past and descending into madness over the years. The earliest notes, however, are quite lucid and give much insight into Kobb’s history in the region up until about 5 years ago.

Hunter 16 Encounter Korreds while exploring the Northwest Woods

Hunter 21 Return to Knight’s Keep

Hunter 24-30 Kingdom Administration

Paladin 1-13 Thunderstorms and high winds occur in the Greenbelt.

Paladin 14-21 Sir Gregory takes his cavaliers on a patrol around the realm, stopping at Oleg’s Tavern, Bokken’s Hut, Bixen’s Grotto, and other sites of importance in the Greenbelt.

Paladin 24-30 Kingdom Administration



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