Touch of Fey

"Tracking the Troll King"

Game 022 (6/15/13)

Troll banner
Troll letter

Terran 30 N Trolls arrive with letter from the leader of their tribe, King Hargulka. Bronin rejects the letter’s demands and leads his Lords against the monstrous messengers, killing them all. The Lords meet and decide that the troll threat to the north must be dealt with by blade and fire.

Scion 1 The Lords Depart Knight’s Keep, stopping to visit Melianse as they travel through her area. She has nothing of worth to report.

Scion 2 Upon Simon’s request a day is spent searching for Darkwood in the area around Melianse’ Pond. Unable to find any, they rest for the night, then travel north.

Scion 4 The Lords encounter the gnome Jubilost’s expedition stuck trying to ford the Tuskwater north of Malorio’s Bridge. They assist him and learn he has been mapping the northern Greenbelt to aid his personal business ventures. A deal is struck to trade knowledge and the Lords gain access to Jubilost’s maps, which detail Lake Candlemere, the ruin of an Old Tower on an island in the lake, an Abandoned Ferry Crossing, an old Empire Watchtower in Blackwing Pass, and some Ruined Towers 30 miles west of the Blackwing Pass.

Scion 5 Leaving Jubilost, the Lords travel north to Candlemere Tower and the Abandoned Southern Ferry Docks.

Scion 6 The Lords explore the area around Southern Ferry. They find troll tracks, but lose them at a deep ford a little south of Lake Candlemere.

Scion 8 Using Simon’s divine abilities to walk on water, the Lords cross Lake Candlemere and explore the ruins on the island. During their exploration they feel a great sense of dread and unease, and are attacked by a Will-O-Wisp at the ruins of the tower. They defeat the aberration and search the ruins, finding an old sacrificial dagger buried beneath rubble inside, but decide not to linger on the island and continue across the lake to the ruins of a small village on the northern banks. In the area around the village signs are seen of trolls, though the Lords manage to bed down and rest the night without encountering any of them.

Scion 9-10 The Lords explore area around Northern Ferry, slowing heading north.

Scion 11 Riding up the Old Empire Road, and nearing Blackwing Pass, the Lords see signs of movement in the distance. Taking cover in the trees off the side they soon spy 8 trolls marching down the road in their direction.



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