Zuddiger's Picnic


(Found by Simon in a small cabin on the southern banks of the River Ethrai)
Description: This page is all that remains of a book found burned in the cabin’s fireplace. It is a beautiful hand-painted scene depicting a man sitting in a wooded glade having a picnic with bread and jam. Over his head a crow looms from a tree branch. The text beneath is short and simple. “All that follows is true.”

(Found in the caves beneath the Fort of the Stag Lord)
Description: A framed woodcut illustration. This page depicts an elated Zuddiger standing before a strange, but beautiful elven-looking woman wearing a dress made from vines and leaves – she holds a spoon in one hand and a frightened crow in the other. In the background, a large house rises on an island. Written at the bottom are the words: “As it turned out, neither did that nasty crow!”


Zuddiger's Picnic

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