Touch of Fey

"Reaper Moon"
Game 017 (12/16/12)

Elder 30 GREATER FULL MOON Citizens of Knight’s Keep gathered in castle. Werewolf encountered and defeated by Sir Gregory, Ungar, Dovan, and Akiros. Thefts reported in the following days.
Reaper 1 GREATER FULL MOON Tatzlewyrm’s scale armor given to Akiros to appease Heironeous. Bronin makes a deal with Dovan – 13 months to prepare the plains at the merging of the Tuskwater and Gold River for a settlement. 1000gp bonus if successful. The expedition departs Knights Keep to continue exploring.
Reaper 2-3 LESSER FULL MOON Exploration continues.
Reaper 4 The expedition encounters tiger and drive it off
Reaper 5 Exploration continues.
Reaper 6 The expedition encounters and defeats the infamous boar Tuskgutter
Reaper 7-9 Snow slows Exploration
Reaper 10-14 Exploration continues.
Reaper 15 The expedition encounters a Thylacine trapped in a pit. Attempts to tame it fail and it is eventually set free.
Reaper 16-18 Exploration continues.
Reaper 19 Return to Knight’s Keep in the afternoon.
Reaper 20 Festival of Reapermas
Reaper 21-28 Admin

"Kingdom Rule"
Game 016 (11/23/12)

AKA “Its all fun and games until someone looses a searing light”

Elder 8 – The expedition rests and resupplies at Oleg’s Trading Post.
Elder 9 A cold front moves into the Greenbelt. Bronin gives a speech proclaiming the progress of the nation, but receives only a lukewarm reception from those at Oleg’s Trading Post.
Elder 10 Cold weather delays departure of the expedition.
Elder 11 Cold weather continues. Simon asks Bronin to lock him up to preserve his sobriety.
Elder 12 Oleg’s is snowed in.
Elder 13 The weather breaks and the Expedition travels north to visit Bokken, bringing him Fangberries and purchasing a few of his potions. That night in camp Simon prays for Heironeous’ guidance about his drinking and other misdeeds. In his sleep he receives a prophetic dream about a Banner bearing a Tatzlwurm. In the morning he prepares an augury spell to ask advice about the magical scale mail taken from the Tatzlwurm’s nest and is told to “Give it to those who would raise the Banner.”
Elder 14 Exploration continues. Thinking it a spy, Simon attacks a grig named Honeywing who, along with a few other fae, has taken the form of Ravens to play pranks on the expedition. After nearly killing Honeywing with a searing light spell, he realizes his mistake and heals the creature, but is unable to gain the trust or friendship of the fae.
Elder 15 Exploration continues. The fae harrass Simon with pranks until he makes restitution with one, a faerie dragon named Perlavish, by blasting his own backside with a searing light.
Elder 16-20 Cold weather halts further exploration, forcing the expedition to hold up in Bixen’s Grotto for a few days.
Elder 21 Deciding to brave the cold, the expedition leaves Bixen’s Grotto under limited protective magics in order to reach Syradel by the 23rd. On route they encounters and defeat 2 trolls.
Elder 23 The expedition arrives in Syradel.
*Note: though we jumped forward to handle Kindom Administration, the next game needs to start on the 24th because of certain events, such as another werewolf attack and a problematic visitor.
Elder 24-30 N Admin

"The Emperor's Road"
Game 015 ( 11/17/12)

Guild 11 – The expedition departs Tiressia’s Grove, traveling to Melianse’s Pond. Melianse places Tiressia’s seeds upon the stumps of the trees cut down by Corax and his men, causing new trees to sprout and grow rapidly to full height. Stas is released, but seems to have developed real feelings for Melianse.
Guild 12-15 A storm forces the expedition to seek shelter for a few days.
Guild 16-18 Exploration continues.
Guild 19 – Expedition stops briefly in Syradel to resupply. Bronin gets in a quickie. Accompanied by Gregory, Simon confesses his actions in the Tatzlewurm incident to recently arrived Jhod, who confronts Bronin again about the need for defined laws. Gregory accuses Bronin of engaging in dirty politics over the incident, which Bronin dismisses as a miscommunication. Bronin gives Jhod authority to set up a legal system as he sees fit, possibly using the beliefs of Heironious as a guide. Egarian, also recently arrived, recounts rumors of troll hordes, giant wolves, and dragons in the Greenbelt, and issues rewards for dealing with them. Eager to continue exploring, Bronin has the expedition depart before the day ends, resting near Nettle’s newly rebuilt bridge.
Guild 20-21 Explore
Guild 22 – A giant dragonfly attacks The Professor, nearly flying off with him before the party can bring it down.
Guild 23 – The expedition travels to Gorumm’s Mire to offer the dragonfly as a gift to the boggard. Gorumm accepts it happily.
Guild 24-27 Exploration continues east up the Ethrai River, following the overgrown remnants of the Emperor’s Road.
Guild 28 – A pair of kelpies attacks the expedition when they stop to gather Fangberries. Another debate ensues about law and justice. Gregory believes the kelpies should be taken back to face Jhod’s judgement, while the rest of the group argues for exile downriver. Exile is chosen by democracy.
Guild 29 – Elder 7 Exploration continues east, following the Emperor’s Road.
Elder 8 – The expedition arrives at Oleg’s Trading Post

"War of the Woods"
Game 014 (11/4/12)

Guild 2 – Expedition returns to Syradel. Letters are delivered to Gregory and Clyborn.
Bronin enters the forest alone at night seeking to fabricate a special wreath of flowers for Lili and encounters a strange humanoid figure with stag-like horns mounted on an elk. The figure watches him from a distance but rides off when confronted.
Meanwhile, Simon, Gregory, and Clyborn are told of another possible werewolf still on the prowl that killed the shepherd boy Beven the night before they returned to Syradel. They also learn of a missing boy named Tig, whom they track to a stolen fishing boat, then downriver and into the forest, eventually finding him unhurt hiding in the hollow of a tree.
Guild 3 – Bronin gives his “promise wreath” to Lili as the expedition prepares to depart Syradel. Reminded by mention of recent visitors from the Ascari, Lili gives Bronin a letter from his homeland that she had forgotten was left for him.
Guild 4 – Travel and exploration. A usable ford is discovered across the Seelie River.
Guild 5 – While exploring along the Seelie, the expedition is confronted by a savage human rider. Accusing them of being bandits, he warns the party to leave the Feralwood, shoots Bronin with a arrow to drive home his threat, then rides off.
Leaving a note to explain who they are and their current task to help Melianse, they move on from the area.
Guild 6-7 – Exploration continues further south along the Seelie.
Guild 8 – The expedition discovers a path told of by Melianse. Guarded by a treant and the satyr Malorio, the party is almost defeated in the process of circumventing them to approach the hidden grove of Melianse’s sister Tiressia. While the others tussle with the treant, Simon manages to get to Tiressia, tell her of their quest and gain her trust.
Tiressia learns from the group of the wild rider they encountered and tells them he is a Fae hunter called Mad Kobb. She agrees to provide replacements for Melianse’s trees, but worried that the group might have accidentally led Kobb to her grove she asks them to find and destroy a twisted ally of Kobb’s called a scythe tree.
Guild 9 – The group travels north, finds, and destroys the scythe tree.
Guild 10 – On the journey back to Tiressia’s Grove, the group experiences a strange mist and biting cold that leaves a layer of frost around their camp. Bronin recalls a similar phenomenon when he encountered the horned elk-rider near Syradel.

"A Wolf and Cheap Clothing"
Game 013 (10/11/12)

Harvest 25 – Bronin tests Lili’s motivations by dressing up the two of them in burlap sacks and walking among the people who have come to Syradel. Though she is obviously uncomfortable, and fails to remain composed when talking to a merchant, Bronin accepts her efforts. Upon returning to the fort, she yells at Bronin for humiliating her. Later in the day, Simon wakes from a powerful dream. In a hangover-motivated moment of inspiration, Simon attacks the Apothecary Dozor Alacan, whom he suspects might know who is responsible for the murder of the Unicorn Odom. The Professor intervenes and Simon is rendered unconscious by one of Dozor’s poisons. Bronin interrogates, fines, and locks up Simon for a few days.
Harvest 28 – Sir Gregory convinces one of Corax’ loggers, a man of partial Ascari heritage named Tomin Hanvaki, to join the Order of the Shield. Having no money and means of supporting himself during training, Gregory sends him to Sir Quentin Jor at Oleg’s Trading Post with a letter of introduction and funds to pay for his training and living expenses.
Harvest 29 – The party departs Syradel. Later in the day the party arrives at Melianse’ Pond and finds Corax and his loggers in a standoff with the nixie over a half-dozen trees the men have cut down around her pond. The group convinces Corax to withdraw from the area and promises to restore Melianse’ trees with the help of her sister to the west. As collateral, the group leaves Stas in Melianse’ care until they return.
Harvest 30 – Exploration continues to the west of Melianse’ Pond. The party encounters and defeats a Werewolf and wolf pack.
Guild 1 – Exploration continues.

"Purest Beauty"
Game 012 (9/27/12)

Harvest 11-12 Administration and Rest
Harvest 13 – Simon, Gregory, and the Professor depart Syradel to explore the southern route along the River.
Harvest 14 – Begin Exploration
Harvest 15 – The expedition comes across a murdered Unicorn and it’s mate, Eldrada. They are told that powerful magic was used to kill the unicorn and steal its horn. The party agrees to help reunite their horns, and Simon pulls off Eldrada’s horn at her request, which kills her.
Harvest 16-17 Exploration continues
Harvest 18 – The expedition discovers a creature’s lair perched on a small island where a bridge once spanned the Seelie River.
Harvest 19 – The expedition encounters and defeat a Tatzlwyrm that tracked them from its lair by the river.
Harvest 20 – The group questions the Tatzlwyrm, then Simon executes it under protest from Gregory.
Harvest 21 – The expedition encounters Gorumm the Boggard.
Harvest 22 – Simon rides face-first into a spider swarm.
Harvest 23 – Exploration continues.
Harvest 24 – Expedition returns to Syradel

"Run, Forest, Run!"
Game 011 (9/16/12)

Paladin 27 – The expedition continues exploring the forest north of the Tuskwater river
Paladin 28 – The party encounters a Will O’ Wisp, which stalks and harries them for some time before being driven off.
Paladin 29 – Crossing the river to back to the east, the expedition explores an open plain. That evening they encounter a small horde of trolls. The party is forced to flee, but ends up circling back to recover dropped supplies, whereupon a pair of trolls find and attack them. After a brief and bloody stand, the party flees again, pushing horses to beyond safe limits in order to escape.
Paladin 30 – The party returns to the Baggage Train
Harvest 1 – The party rests and recovers
Harvest 2 – The party heads west to explore and finds a rickety bridge where they encounter Malorio the Satyr, who enchants Bronin and Clyburn, compelling them into joining him in an embarrassing Picnic Prank.
Harvest 3-5 – The party heads south exploring the forest along the western side of the Tuskwater.
Harvest 6 – The party finds wolf tracks around a scenic pond belonging to a nixie named Melianse, who warns them that they belong to a werewolf prowling the area. Lacking silver weapons, the party halts exploration and moves out of the area.
Harvest 7-9 – Believing themselves a safe distance from the werewolf’s territory, the party continues exploring south along the western side of the Tuskwater, headed for Syradel (once the site of the Stag Lord’s Fort)
Harvest 10 – Completing a long journey, the expedition arrives at Syradel.

“Follow the Leader”
Game 010 (7/15/12)

Hunter 2 – The Party departs Sootscale Kobold Caverns bound for Oleg’s Trading Post. Travel is slowed by rain.
Hunter 3 – Storm Halts travel
Hunter 8 – The Party returns to Oleg’s
Hunter 12 – *Egarian receives information about Davick’s Spear (10,300gp appraisal)
Hunter 13–17 Administrative duties and personal business are attended to
Hunter 18 – Bronin hosts a Dinner for Very Important People at Oleg’s
Hunter 19–21 – The party prepares for another expedition into the Greenbelt
Hunter 22 – The party departs Oleg’s and begins exploring the mountains to the north
Hunter 25–26 Exploration of mountains. Extremely cold weather hinders some of the group.
Hunter 27–30 Exploration of mountains continues. Divine prayers are employed to protect those without proper cold weather outfits.
Paladin 1 – Exploration of mountains continues. The expedition experiences one of the Feralwood’s unnatural changes in weather – freezing one day, burning the next.
Paladin 2 – 10 (Hot) Exploration of mountains continues slowly as the expedition weathers through a long heat wave.
Paladin 11 – Exploration of mountains continues. Weather is still hot. The party encounters Kobold Hunters who talk of a “short bear-man” further north in the mountains.
Paladin 12 – The party is able to make use of an old Empire trade road along the mountain ridge at times, assisting their progress.
Paladin 13 – The heat wave breaks and normal weather conditions return. The party encounters the dwarf Garth at “his” gold mine.
Paladin 14 – The part halts exploration in order to travel to the nearby Temple of the Old Gods.
Paladin 15 – Time is spent tending to the Temple which is still threatened by the Feralwood.
Paladin 16 – The party visits the Shalm’s Tree
Paladin 17 – 19 The expedition heads northwest from the Shalm’s Tree
Paladin 20 – The party finds another section of the old northern road that leads to a sturdy stone bridge built long ago by the Empire to cross a gorge cut by a fast-flowing river.
Paladin 21 – The epedition heads west and discovers the road abruptly ends at at the base of some hills. Leaving the road, the expedition continues into the trackless hills.
Paladin 22 – In the late evening Krolm spots a troll across a river, but it is gone by morning.
Paladin 23-24 – The party backtracks to bridge and crosses north over the gorge, reaching the area where troll was spotted. From there they proceed to track it northwest across open ground.
Paladin 25 – The party loses the troll at another river too deep for them to ford. Turning south, the party finds a better crossing a few hours downstream, but suffers a small setback when half of their group founders in mud on the far side. That evening the party encounters a barghest trying to sneak into their camp. It charms Myhm, but is injured and driven away by good teamwork.
Paladin 26 – The party tracks the wounded barghest back to its lair, but fall prey to the creature’s cunning as it slips around them and reasserts its magical compulsion on Myhm who has been left to guard the horses. Stealing Bronin’s horse, the barghest compels Myhm to follow it deeper into the forest. Giving chase, the rest of the party catches up with Myhm just as he’s attacked by a Tendriculous. The party charges to Myhm’s rescue, but are unable to prevent him from being swallowed whole by the huge plant monster. As they hack away at the thing, the barghest gets the drop on the Professor, giving him a deadly wound. But before the barghest can finish the job, Sir Gregory runs him through with Davick’s Spear. The others cut down the Tendriculous and pull a paralyzed and near dead Myhm from its innards.

Istariel's Instructions
A Background Story for Clyburn and Bronin

“What is the prime source of magic?” Istariel Kithraden asked the small group gathered in the laboratory near the Shrine of the East Wind. The elven Mistress of the Alchemical Arts was a bit of a mystery. While her pale hair was not unusual among the Air Lords of Kragis’Aer, the similarity ended there. Her eyes were a few shades darker, her build almost stocky, and she spoke the common tongue with a rough drawl. Rumors were that she was a planar traveler employed by Tal’teslos himself to teach the mystic science of Alchemy to those in Kragis’Aer with the potential to learn.

Clyburn knew the answer. Though he was the youngest of Istariel’s apprentices, he was also the most advanced. However, upon her request he remained silent so that new members of the class could offer their opinions.

“Magic flows from the astral plane, given form through our will.” Recited Sharant, an intelligent and accomplished wizard of the fifth circle.

“Are you on the Astral plane right now? Because I said the Prime source of magic.” Istariel quipped. “Casters,” the word sounding like CAH-sters in her exaggerated accent, “often ignore a vital step in the use of magic. Wizards particularly, since they rarely tap their own energies to power a spell. On the Prime plane of existence their source of magic is in those things that can channel or contain it after arrival from the Astral. They use components and ritual preparation of matrices to gather magic from the world around them to power their spells. Sorcerers use their spirit as conduits to the Astral plane. A cleric is given their power by gods, who in turn collect power from faithful souls, all of whom are spun from and tied to the Astral.”

Grabbing a pinch of glittering rock dust from a nearby bowl and a vial of clear liquid, Istariel held them up for display. “An alchemist does not limit themselves to one or two paths to power, because they know a source of power exists in all things. If one knows how, these can be combined to produce amazing effects.”

Dashing the dust into the vial with a precise flick of the wrist, she produced a stopper from a hidden pocket somewhere in her sleeve, swiftly inserted it, and methodically swirled the container.

“This is an extract of polymorphing. It channels power through a base element, stores it in a medium, and uses the spiritual energy of a living being as a catalyst to transmute. A novice in the science learns first how to use their own body as a catalyst, but advanced study enables the use of any creature.” As the components mixed, a blue light began to glow from within. Istariel turned, beckoning for her assistant, a skeletal-thin elf named Frinn. Stepping forward, he accepted the extract and gulped it down in one quick motion. He placed the empty vial on a stone work-table and stood calm and quiet with eyes downcast. Then his body jerked and he doubled over, a huge gasp of air bursting from his lungs. His body shook uncontrollably like a wet dog shedding water, and where the cascade passed over his body the skin and clothes seemed to twist apart and intertwine, then harden into segmented rock. When it was over a sturdy earth elemental loomed in the laboratory where the frail elf once stood.

“No incantations, no gestures.” Istariel circled the changed creature. “It would take a practitioner of the 13th or 14th circle to accomplish this with a spell, yet I have managed it with greater economy of magic.”

“I am unsure such a transformation would be to my benefit.” Remarked Kaevan, the only giant in the class. A master crafter, he was interested primarily in alchemy that might aid him in engineering projects.

Rhynis, a gnome clockwork crafter, giggled and poked his knee with her tiny finger. “Being as big as a house is not always an advantage.”

“You have a point.” He smiled at the small woman. “As well as a low ceiling in your apartments. I suppose this transmutation would make visiting less… claustrophobic.”

“Yes, I’m sure it’s great for tea parties, or spellbook society.” Smirked Senys, the young son of the North Wind. “And it’s a good thing that most of our enemies are frail old men willing to drink whatever we might give them. Otherwise alchemy would be almost useless.” Though a handsome sorcerer, Senys had poor academic skills, and worse manners. He was placed with Istariel after an excellent display of skill with potions – a reputation owed to Clyburn, who, for a price, had provided the young man with all the potions he had produced in the academy. In truth, Senys was a better at sleight of hand then magic.

“Frinn, soskennis thraf drurn Senys. Lashenti thras vishinn.” Istariel said in her strange elven dialect, pointing at the ceiling across the room. The elemental slid down into the stone floor. Senys’ smirk turned to a frown. Suddenly two rocky hands emerged from the floor beneath him and pulled him from his feet. His breath knocked from him, Senys could only wheeze pitifully as the hands dragged him across the floor and up the wall behind a tapestry. A moment later he emerged from the top and slid, dangling awkwardly across the ceiling high above, coming to a stop over a dark alcove containing an old suit of armor on a stand.

“The art of alchemy should focus on applications that enhance one’s self or one’s allies. Why would I give this power to an enemy?” Istariel asked the upside-down mage. “But since you brought it up, I will demonstrate how it can be also be weaponized.”

Withdrawing a small ceramic globe from a hardened leather belt pouch, she tossed it casually in the Sorcerer’s direction. The ball of flame that burst forth was not quite as large or impressive as a fireball spell, but it did not spread evenly like one either. Instead it focused most of its destruction in a jarring blast at the the site of impact, leaving the suit of armor in cracked pieces and Senys only slightly singed.

Another crash sounded from the other side of the room and Clyburn turned to find the worst student in the class sprawled on the floor next to the stool he’d aparently fallen asleep on. The young Ascari had been avoiding or sleeping his way through the last few months of classes at the Academy as part of an agreement with his people to educate the children of their leaders. He was a terrible student, but he was also one of the Clyburn’s few friends.

“Fall asleep in my class again,” Istariel called across the room, “and the next experiment will be fed to you, Bronin Dohari.”

"The Trouble with Tartuk"
Game 9 (6/17/12)

Shalm 21 – (Heat Wave) Festival Hangover. Bronin awakes late in the day and learns of his late night activities with Lily. Tremal is recruited by Bronin to spin the situation in his favor. The Professor sequesters himself away in his laboratory to brew potions.
Shalm 22 – (Heat Wave) Simon, Ichabod, and Akiros arrive at Oleg’s Trading Post. Akiros presents himself to Bronin, surrenders his arms and armor, and requests to be tried and judged as one of the leaders of the Stag Lord’s Bandits. Before he is led away to the fort’s makeshift jail, he asks that his sword be wielded by Simon in the name of Heironeous. The Professor and Ichabod talk to a young pickpocket about organizing certain professions before the official laws of the land are established. Sir Gregory talks with Sir Kesten about Bronin and begins to establish a training ground for both cavaliers and local men interested in forming a militia.
Shalm 23 – (Rain) Bronin meets with Sir Kesten Garess of Order of the Dragon and talks about the other Chartered Lords he has met with before making his way to the Greenbelt. Sir Kesten seems greatly impressed with both Bronin’s progress and potential as a leader. Bronin also meets with Jhod Kavken, who requests again that a written set of laws be created. Simon suggests finding a scribe and bookmaker to craft an impressive book to contain the laws.
Shalm 24 – (Rain) Sir Kesten Garess, along with two other members of his Order, Sir Osten and Sir Amery, swear fealty to Lord Bronin and pay homage in the form of a suit of mithril chain passed down by the elves that founded the Order of the Dragon.
Shalm 25 – (Storm) Bringing the kobold Mikmek w ith them, the party sets out from Oleg’s Trading Post bound for the Sootscale Kobold lair. Travel slowed by weather.
Shalm 26 – (Storm) Travel slowed by weather.
Shalm 27 – (Storm) Travel slowed by weather.
Shalm 28 – (Storm) Travel slowed by weather.
Shalm 29 – (Rain) Travel slowed by weather.
Shalm 30 – (Rain) Travel slowed by weather.
Hunter 1 – (Rain) *First day of The Great Hunt. The party arrives at the Sootscale Kobold lair and send Mikmek ahead to bring word of their presence to his chief. After a brief confrontation, the party trades the Demon statue recovered from the mites for Svetlana’s wedding ring. Chief Sootscale then destroys the Demon Statue and calls for the death of the shaman Tartuk. Entering the kobold’s caves, the party assists the kobolds in defeating Tartuk and forge a loose alliance with them. In gratitude for their help, and likely because of a fear that it is all cursed, Chief Sootscale gives the party all of Tartuk’s treasure and possessions.


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