The calendar year is composed of 12 months with 30 days each.

1 January – Archmage aka Adrimus in the Kor Empire (Associated Gods: Kor Philosophy, Boccob)
2 February – Sundawn (Associated Gods: Pelor)
3 March – Terran (Associated Gods: Shalm, Beory) 20th is First Day of Spring/Spring Equinox.
4 April – Scion (Associated Gods: Shalm, Olidammara)
5 May – Farwander (Associated Gods: Fharlanghn, Celestian)
6 June – Shalm (Associated Gods: Shalm) 20th is First Day of Summer/Summer Solstice – Shalm’s most holy time.
7 July – Hunter (Associated Gods: Kord, Shalm)
8 August – Paladin (Associated God: Heironeous)
9 September – Harvest (Associated Gods: Nerull, Shalm) 20th is First Day of Autumn/Autumn Equinox
10 October – Guild (Associated Gods: Zilchus, Olidammara)
11 November – Elder (Associated Gods: Shalm)
12 December – Reaper (Associated Gods: Shalm, Nerull) 20th is First Day of Winter/Winter Solstice

Spring – Sundawn, Terran, Scion
Summer – Farwander, Shalm, Hunter
Autumn – Paladin, Harvest, Guild
Winter – Elder, Reaper, Archmage (or Adrimus)

Religious Events and Festivals
Note: Participating worshipers sometimes receive blessings for participating in holy festivals.

The Shalm
20th of Terran – Spring Equinox. An event held to celebrate the rebirth of the Shalm and the beginning of his Cycle of Nature.
20th of Shalm – Summer Solstice
20th of Harvest – Autumn Equinox
20th of Reaper – Winter Solstice. An event held to revere the Shalm and his death at the end of his Cycle of Nature.
1st of Elder – Elderfeast. A feast held on the first day of Elder, representing both the Final Cycle of the Shalm and preparing oneself for the inevitability of Nerull’s Blade (death). Elders of the community are celebrated, and prayers are made to survive Winter.

Miser’s Month (The entire month of Guild) – All money saved during this month is not subject to tithe. No taxes on sales, but all purchases are subject to double taxes.

Malefactor’s Month (The entire month of Guild) – Criminal activity is blessed, but are subject to double tithing.

Wanderlust Festival (Farwander 20-30). A 10-day event that begins and ends with a feast for those that choose to wander aimlessly for 8 days in between.

Journeys are blessed. Fharlanghn also respects the Wanderlust Festival (Farwander 20-30). However, for his worshipers the 10-day event requires a round trip to a chosen destination.


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