The Troll King
QUEST: End the troll threat in the Greenbelt.
STATUS: Complete – report to Egarian for reward.
REWARD: 2000gp and 10BP paid by Egarian.

The Hodog
QUEST: hunt down and kill the Hodog and bring back proof.
STATUS: In progress
REWARD: Stas’ gratitude and possibly his magical spear (lost during his encounter with the beast)

The Dragon of the Forest
QUEST: Find and kill the elusive dragon stalking the northern areas of the Greenbelt and bring back proof.
STATUS: In progress.
REWARD: 1200gp paid by Egarian.

Northern Howls
QUEST: Find and kill the worg raiding the northern areas of the Greenbelt and bring back proof.
STATUS: In progress.
REWARD: 1200gp paid by Egarian.

QUEST: Acquire sap from a shambling mound.
STATUS: In progress.
REWARD: 600gp plus 3 potions of cure moderate wounds paid by Rhynis.

Vekkel Benzen – Hunter who lost a leg to the boar Tuskgutter.
QUEST: Bring Tuskgutter’s head to Vekkel.
STATUS: Completed – Report to Vekkel for reward.
REWARD: Masterwork longbow and six +1 animal bane arrows.

Where’s Tig?
QUEST: Rescue Tig from Lizardfolk.
STATUS: Completed.
REWARD: +2 Loyalty bonus to the Kingdom.

Oleg Baenor – Proprietor of Oleg’s Trading Post.
QUEST: Recover Svetlana’s ring and bring it to Oleg.
STATUS: Completed.
REWARD: 1000gp in trading post credit.

Svetlana Baenor – Oleg’s wife.
QUEST: Gather a basket of moon radishes for Svetlana.
STATUS: Completed.
REWARD: 250gp

Bokken – Eccentric hermit and potion-maker.
QUEST: Gather fangberries for Bokken.
STATUS: Completed.
REWARD: 25% discount on potions for a month.


QUEST: Capture or kill 6 bandits.
STATUS: Completed.
REWARD: 400gp paid by Egarian.

QUEST: Kill or pacify local kobolds.
STATUS: Completed.
REWARD: 800gp paid by Egarian.

The Stag Lord
QUEST: Kill or capture the Stag Lord.
STATUS: Complete.
REWARD: 5000gp (to be paid on Shalm 24)

Davick Nettles – undead bridgeman murdered by the Stag Lord.
QUEST: kill the Stag Lord and throw his body into the river.
STATUS: Completed.
REWARD: Davik’s magical spear and the use of the toll bridge.

Tartuk’s Idol
QUEST: return the Kobold Shaman’s demon statue.
STATUS: Completed.
REWARD: Tartuk’s treasure.

Melianse’ Trees
QUEST: Seek out the nixie Melianse’ sister Tiressia and convince her to replace 6 trees cut down by Corax and his loggers around Melianse’ pond.
STATUS: Completed.

Troll Blood
QUEST: Acquire a bottle of troll’s blood.
STATUS: Completed.
REWARD: 1200gp in potions paid by Rhynis.

Old Crackjaw
QUEST: Kill Old Crackjaw and bring back proof.
STATUS: Completed.
REWARD: A ring of featherfall paid by Arven the Fisherman.


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