Touch of Fey

"The Last Ride of Mad Kobb"
Game 027 (12/08/13)

“At Last, after so long, I am free.
A week ago, while hunting along the Tuskwater, I encountered a druid who called himself the Firetender. With powerful magic he was able to break the enchantments that bound me to a witch for over two decades. He taught me much in a short time – about magic, and about the Forest, and how to protect myself from both. I cannot claim to be a good man. Even before the witch cast her spell over me I did things that were unforgivable. I drank, and stole. I was unfaithful and a coward. I am no hero, yet I must return to face the witch and rescue my sons…”

-From the first Journal of Mad Kobb


Hunter 1 The weather is unusually cold, but since it is summer that merely makes for comfortable travel. A small expedition consisting of Baron Bronin, Brother Simon, and Sir Gregory depart Knight’s Keep intending to explore more of their territory. First heading south, they arrive in Drakehaven by the end of the day.

Hunter 2-4 Risking trouble with Baron Drelev, Bronin leads his expedition across the bridge at Drakehaven and explores the land just west of the Seelie. No sight of explorers or scouts are seen in the few days the expedition spends there.

Hunter 5 The expedition returns across the Drakehaven Bridge and heads north, bound for a site northwest of Knight’s Keep called Kobb’s Ford.

Hunter 7 The expedition arrives at Kobb’s Ford as the weather shifts and a heat wave settles across the land. The heat forces the expedition to rest at the ford until Simon can pray for the magic needed to withstand it. While resting the party encounters a nixie that charms Bronin and attempts to do the same to Simon and Gregory. It’s motives unknown, the party talks with it, hoping to gain and ally or information, but when they mention Mad Kobb the nixie becomes worried, retreats into the river, and does not return.

Hunter 8-11 With magic to endure the elements, the expedition continues exploring along the banks of the Seelie River north of Kobb’s Ford.

Hunter 12 The expedition comes across a petrified troll. Sir Gregory realizes that it must be a “rock troll” – a breed of troll that turns to stone in sunlight. He also realizes that King Hargulka was also a rock troll, though what relevance that has is not known. Bronin expresses interest in putting it in his menagerie. A short time later Bronin and Gregory spot a hawk circling above, seemingly following them. Suspecting it to be a spy for Mad Kobb, they decide to fake fatigue and heatstroke in an attempt to lure Kobb into any ambush. The ploy succeeds, and when Kobb arrives to attack the Lords turn and charge, swiftly defeating the wrathful old man.

Hunter 13 The expedition follows Kobb’s horse back to a hollowed out tree he was living in and learn a few things about Mad Kobb. A silver locket bearing a picture of a woman bears an inscription that indicates Kobb is brother to the mad hermit Bokken that lives near Oleg’s Tavern. On a square of cloth the locket was kept in is a rough map that marks a location called “The Lonely Borrow” with an ancient elven rune that matches a rune engraved upon a magical longsword found in Kobb’s possession.

Mad Kobb possessed a few journals and many scrawled notes depicting a man haunted by his past and descending into madness over the years. The earliest notes, however, are quite lucid and give much insight into Kobb’s history in the region up until about 5 years ago.

Hunter 16 Encounter Korreds while exploring the Northwest Woods

Hunter 21 Return to Knight’s Keep

Hunter 24-30 Kingdom Administration

Paladin 1-13 Thunderstorms and high winds occur in the Greenbelt.

Paladin 14-21 Sir Gregory takes his cavaliers on a patrol around the realm, stopping at Oleg’s Tavern, Bokken’s Hut, Bixen’s Grotto, and other sites of importance in the Greenbelt.

Paladin 24-30 Kingdom Administration

"Hunting Legends"
Game 026 (11/30/13)


Farwander 1 Simon awakens from his spiritual journey and is told that Brother Jhod is being buried. He quickly makes his way to the ceremony, stopping at the remains of his cottage to magically construct a sarcophagus for his fellow cleric. Joining the ceremony, led by Sir Ungar Oakfoot, the only follower of Archpaladin available and willing to perform it, Simon offers a few words of his own and encourages Sir Ungar to continue. Later the Lords meet to discuss dealing with the Owlbear. Both Akiros and Fiddlebow are considered for positions in the hunting party, but both make arguments to stay behind.

Farwander 2 The Lords of Syradel depart Knight’s Keep and track the Owlbear north.

Farwander 3 While on the trai l of the Owlbear the Lords are ambushed by Mad Kobb. After a brief fight in which both he and his horse are injured Kobb escapes into the forest.

Farwander 5 The Lords track the Owlbear to a cave in a valley near the source of the Tuskwater. Entering with caution they fight off some violet fungi and negotiate passage by a hungry shambling mound. Drawing near the owlbear’s lair by route of a narrow crevice Bronin and the Professor come across unstable ground and fall into a green slime at the bottom of a deep pit. Luckily both recognize the danger and its weakness to fire and quickly burn the terrible substance away, though not without suffering burns from its acid and their own fire. Climbing out, they are quickly healed by Simon and continue on into a large cave chamber where they are confronted by the legendary Owlbear, which attacks them in a rage. Sir Gregory stands against the creature and takes heavy wounds, but the group prevails and defeats the owlbear. In the chamber they find a nest with the remains of an elf buried within – and a magical firearm that indicates the elf was one of Gaiar’s people, and a note that implicates it in a plot to use the control the owlbear and send it against the Kingdom of Syradel. In another chamber they discover the remains of another owlbear and a still living owlbear cub. Bronin uses his ranger gifts to befriend the cub, though he is warned by Simon that the creature will be trouble.

Farwander 8 The Lords take the owlbear’s cub to Tiressia and attempt to convince her to care for it. She refuses, having little experience tending to creatures that require food and shelter.

Farwander 9 The Lords bring the owlbear cub to the Beldame, who agrees to care for it. Leaving it in her care, and with a magical ring of beastial friendship found on the elf in the Owlbear’s lair, they head for home to the sounds of the cub trashing the old woman’s cottage.

Farwander 10 The Lords return to Syradel as heroes. With the land safe for the moment they settle in to build and expand.

Farwander 13 Bronin visits the Grave of Fireseeds on the anniversary of his animal companion’s death.

Farwander 24-30 Kingdom Administration – It is learned that the town has developed a problem with beggars, troublemakers, and people unable to find adequate work or housing and started camping in tents, wagons, and shanties. The Lords handle the problem by promising to build more housing. Baron Bronin’s decree that women dress in concealing robes when meeting him on official business in the Keep causes bickering among his council, and though no happy resolution is forthcoming, cooler heads prevail for the time being.

Shalm 1-19 The Lords take a break from adventure and spend time in Knight’s Keep.
Shalm 20 The First Day of Summer and the Summer Solstice. A festival is had in Knight’s Keep.
Shalm 24-30 Kingdom Administration. The economy is doing well, but still falling short of expectations. The Church of Heironeous, slated for construction now for months, is delayed once again.

"Eaten by the Monster"
Game 025 (11/16/13)

“It’s worse than war.
Worse than Death!
There ain’t too many left
That have meet’n
And ain’t been eat’n
By the Monster!”

-The legend of the Hodag


Scion 16 Loaded with as much portable treasure as they can carry, the Lords head south bound for Bixen’s Grotto to arrange for a caravan to gather the large supplies found among Hargulka’s treasure horde.

Scion 17 The Lords decide to explore an unfamiliar area on route and come across a deadfall concealing the cave lair of the legendary Greenbelt Hodag. Underestimating the cunning and power of the creature a plan to lure the Hodag out of its lair fails and the Professor is killed when it burrows up through the earth at his feet. Simon convinces the group to take the Professor’s body to the Temple of the Old Gods.

Scion 19 The Lords arrive at the Temple of the Old Gods and discover that it now has a handful of resident clerics from a few different faiths and has become an often visited site for religious pilgrims. Bearing the Professor’s body inside, Simon instructs that it should be laid upon the altar in the sanctuary and asks for all to join him in prayer through the night. As morning approaches, Sir Gregory and Akiros find themselves among the last to succumb to exhaustion, though they notice that Simon continues to pray with little sign of fatigue.

Scion 20 Those in the sanctuary awaken shortly after dawn to the sight of the Professor raised from the dead and standing beside the altar, with Simon slumped at his feet in a fugue state. As Gregory tends to Simon he hears the cleric muttering the same two things over and over – “Knight’s Keep… Brother Jhod…” Though none understand how the miracle happened many give praise and thanks to the Old Gods. Without Simon to explain the event some turn to Akiros for wisdom, but he is unwilling to voice an opinion on the miracle apparently bestowed by the grace of Archpaladin. He explains that he does not trust his judgment on interpreting the will of his god. Though the clerics and pilgrims ask them to stay and celebrate the miracle, the Lords know they must return to Knight’s Keep to handle the affairs of the nation, as well as find Jhod and see if he has the key to reviving Simon.

Scion 23 The Lords arrive in Knight’s Keep and discover it recovering from a terrible attack by a massive owlbear that rampaged through part of the city three days prior. They are informed that the damage would have been worse if not for the courageous act of Brother Jhod who sent warning ahead to the Keep and single-handedly held the owlbear at bay long enough for most citizens to escape and a defense militia to be mustered. The militia eventually drove the owlbear off, but lost a few dozen volunteers in the effort, including Tig’s father, Tanner.

Assessing the damage, Baron Bronin arranges a public speech on the steps of the Town Hall to improve morale, but is viciously heckled by a man in the crowd. After a moment, Bronin recognizes the man as Grigori, a mixed blood Marascari-Wildlander who stood with a losing faction from Glenfarg (along with Loy Resbin and Latricia Evanore) in the Tournament of Lords at Kragis’Aer over a year ago. Caught off-guard Bronin tries to defend himself, but Grigori humiliates him in public. Afterwards Bronin meets with his council and discusses how to proceed with both handling Grigori and filling two seats on the Council suddenly left vacant by Jhod’s death and Simon’s continuing cataleptic state.

The Professor manages to finally convince Bronin to allow a woman on the Council, and goes to speak to Rhynis the Cindercloud, a female gnome Air Lord and friend of his from Kragis’Aer who has been studying the alchemical properties of rare components found in the Feralwood. After explaining the Council’s needs he convinces Rhynis to accept a position as Magister, but Lord Bronin’s reputation with women limits her commitment to only one month of service until she can assess Bronin’s leadership for herself.

Bronin seeks out Fiddlebow and convinces the fae sprite to join the Council as a new Spymaster.

Scion 24 The Council meets and new leadership positions are announced. The Professor assumes the responsibilities of the Treasurer in Simon’s absence. Gaiar is assigned the Johd’s role of Arbiter. Rhynis becomes the new Magister. When Bronin reveals his choice to be the new Spymaster he realizes too late that Fiddlebow, a creature rarely ever seen and then only as a ball of light, reveals itself to be a tiny female.

Scion 25-30 Sir Gregory, assisted by Tremal and Fiddlebow, mount a political campaign against Gregori. For the next 5 days they shadow the rabble-rouser and challenge his speeches with words of their own. By the end of the month they have discredited Gregori and run him out of town.

Scion 30 Upon hearing of Gregori’s defeat Bronin tracks him down outside Knight’s Keep and makes him a lucrative offer to take his political skills to the Atalan Peninsula and use them against Baron Drelev. Gregori happily agrees and Bronin wonders if perhaps he could have offered him less gold.

As the city is recovering from the owlbear’s attack it is discovered that some merchants and smugglers have used the disaster to enrich themselves in the aftermath. Their actions are revealed by loyal citizens and the council acts swiftly to stop them, preventing unrest in the kingdom and a potential loss of valuable resources.

"Assault on Hargulka’s Stronghold"
Game 024 (9/1/13)


Scion 14 (Afternoon) Myhm arrives in the area with the gnome Jubilost and his expedition and finds the other Lords held up in the ruins of the Ferrytown along the northern shore of Lake Candlemere. With the threat of trolls still in the area, Bronin invites Jubilost to join them for mutual protection and the Ferrytown is set with torches and lights and the party rests the night without trouble finding them.

Scion 15 Jubilost departs, headed south again until the trolls have been dealt with. With a plan to lure out the trolls to a battleground of their choosing, the Lords approach Hargulka’s Stronghold and leave a note in the form of an arrow into a troll on the ramparts. As they make to withdraw to the ferrytown they become aware of trolls emerging from the Stronghold and a few giving chase. Choosing a favorable section of the old Empire Road, the Lords prepare themselves with magic and easily defeat a pair of trolls and trollhounds. Up near the Stronghold one of the trolls displays a capability for tactics and holds the other trolls back in order to observe the fight. The professor also notices that one of the trolls is larger than the others, and seemingly has two heads.

When the last of the trolls below fall, the ones above begin to advance down the path and the Lords decide to meet them in battle, hoping to use the narrow chokepoint to limit the troll’s strength. Another fight ensues, this time with a disciplined warrior leading the trolls, taking fire as the groups close, then withdrawing to let a terrible two-headed troll loose at the last moment against Myhm and Akiros. Though Myhm is badly wounded and Akiros is knocked senseless the group soon defeats the monster and begins tearing through the troll ranks. In a surprising move, the troll commander and one remaining troll leap from the path and tumble down the mountain. In a move thought rash by the rest of the party, Bronin leaps after, using the magic of his featherfalling ring to aid his descent. However, he soon comes to his senses and abandons the chase, climbing back to the path and joining the others.

Agreeing not to pursue the fleeing trolls, the Lords ascend and find the Stronghold nearly deserted. Inside they find a large horde of treasure and resources stolen from both the Greenbelt and the Wildlands to the north. Passing through storage chambers, barracks, and abandoned meeting halls, the Lords eventually come to a chamber where King Hargulka awaits in darkness. Calling out to Bronin, he gives the Lords a chance to talk before doing combat. The professor drinks one of his extracts and is able to see through the darkness to see that Hargulka is not a normal troll, but instead bears rocklike growths on his skin. He is also not alone – another troll stands at his side and a trollhound at his feet. Hargulka challenges Bronin and engages in debate over the rights of rulership. The conversation continues for some time, but is interrupted by the sounds of screaming horses. Chuckling darkly, Hargulka reveals he was stalling until his commander could return and surround his enemies!

An epic battle begins, fought on two fronts. As Gregory, Akiros, and the Professor race back through the Stronghold to save their mounts, Bronin, Simon, and Myhm ready themselves to fight the King and his companions. Hargulka releases the trollhound, sending it as fodder into the three Lords. They quickly dispatch it, but the way has been cleared for Hargulka himself to charge forth and land a powerful blow against Bronin himself.

Above, Gregory, Akiros, and the Professor encounter the troll commander and the last troll survivor of the earlier battle on the path. The commander charges and Gregory quickly sets Davik’s spear against him while Akiros readies his sword and the Professor hurls bombs from behind the battle line.

Below, Myhm and Bronin stand toe to toe with Hargulka, trading blows with the giant as Simon backs away to better use his Holy magic. Bronin tries to stop Hargulka’s advance and prevent the other troll from joining the fight, but Hargulka knocks him unconscious and merely steps over his prone form. Myhm swings his woodsman’s axe, cleaving great wounds in the troll, but Hargulka quickly bashes him senseless as well. Suddenly finding himself alone against two trolls, Simon makes one final prayer to Heironeous and dashes from the room. But before Hargulka can pursue, he suddenly finds Myhm’s woodsman’s axe buried in his groin, Simon’s prayer having brought him and Bronin back into the fight. Hargulka falls and Myhm cleaves into his head for good measure. The last troll turns to find Bronin standing, mirrorblade in hand. The last troll flees, nearly knocking Simon over in its haste to escape.

Above, Gregory, Akiros, and the Professor have just vanquished the commander and his minion when the last troll arrives from the fight below. It attempts to overrun them and escape. It fails.

Reuniting outside Hargulka’s throne room, the group makes a couple strange discoveries. One, Hargulka does not share the same vulnerability to fire that normal trolls do. Second, he wears an amulet of similar make to an amulet found on the Stag Lord.

"Eight is Enough"
Game 023 (7/28/13)

Campfire trap

Scion 11 While tracking troll activity in the northern Greenbelt, the Lords spy a group of eight trolls marching down the Northern Empire Road out of Blackwing Pass. Deciding the a fight against such odds was not in their favor, they withdraw towards Lake Candlemere. Lord Bronin attempts to use an alchemical reagent mixed up by the Professor to help aid their escape, but accidentally spills some on himself and makes himself an easier target for the trolls to track. The trolls spot him and give chase, following the Lords for hours before a safe crossing is found along the Tuskwater. With the trolls right on their heels, the Lords take a stand on favorable terrain across the river and manage to slay 5 trolls and drive off the other 3.

Scion 12 Note: This date marks the one year anniversary of the Lord’s arrival in the Greenbelt.
After camping and healing, the Lords track the 3 trolls that fled the fight at the crossing, and soon catch up with two of them at the abandoned ferry town on the north side of Lake Candlemere. Calling them out, the Lords swiftly defeat them with their superior numbers and tactics. Tracking the last troll north, the Lords follow its trail to an old Empire-built watchtower overlooking the southern entrance to Blackwing Pass. Under the protection of invisibility, the Professor scouts the exterior of the watchtower and discovers at least half-a-dozen more trolls have taken up residence within. Unable to escape the giants advanced sense of smell, the Professor withdraws without being able to see more than one chamber within the watchtower, though he suspects that the trolls might have a spellcaster after one was heard ordering someone be brought out to help find the source of the “smell”. As night falls, the Lords withdraw to the abandoned ferry town and rest the night.

Scion 13 A plan is made to draw out a patrol of trolls using a false campsite just within sight of the Watchtower, but after finding a suitable place and waiting all night for trolls to take the bait, the Lords decide the plan somehow failed and return to the abandoned ferry town to rest during the following day.

Scion 14 Around noon, as most of the Lords lay resting within ruins of the town, a group of four trolls arrive at the outskirts after having tracked the Lords down. Another battle is fought, and despite some of the Lords entering combat unarmored they are victorious. During the battle Akiros displays the first sign that his Paladin powers might be returning when he successfully calls upon Heironeous to smite one of the trolls.

"Tracking the Troll King"
Game 022 (6/15/13)

Troll banner
Troll letter

Terran 30 N Trolls arrive with letter from the leader of their tribe, King Hargulka. Bronin rejects the letter’s demands and leads his Lords against the monstrous messengers, killing them all. The Lords meet and decide that the troll threat to the north must be dealt with by blade and fire.

Scion 1 The Lords Depart Knight’s Keep, stopping to visit Melianse as they travel through her area. She has nothing of worth to report.

Scion 2 Upon Simon’s request a day is spent searching for Darkwood in the area around Melianse’ Pond. Unable to find any, they rest for the night, then travel north.

Scion 4 The Lords encounter the gnome Jubilost’s expedition stuck trying to ford the Tuskwater north of Malorio’s Bridge. They assist him and learn he has been mapping the northern Greenbelt to aid his personal business ventures. A deal is struck to trade knowledge and the Lords gain access to Jubilost’s maps, which detail Lake Candlemere, the ruin of an Old Tower on an island in the lake, an Abandoned Ferry Crossing, an old Empire Watchtower in Blackwing Pass, and some Ruined Towers 30 miles west of the Blackwing Pass.

Scion 5 Leaving Jubilost, the Lords travel north to Candlemere Tower and the Abandoned Southern Ferry Docks.

Scion 6 The Lords explore the area around Southern Ferry. They find troll tracks, but lose them at a deep ford a little south of Lake Candlemere.

Scion 8 Using Simon’s divine abilities to walk on water, the Lords cross Lake Candlemere and explore the ruins on the island. During their exploration they feel a great sense of dread and unease, and are attacked by a Will-O-Wisp at the ruins of the tower. They defeat the aberration and search the ruins, finding an old sacrificial dagger buried beneath rubble inside, but decide not to linger on the island and continue across the lake to the ruins of a small village on the northern banks. In the area around the village signs are seen of trolls, though the Lords manage to bed down and rest the night without encountering any of them.

Scion 9-10 The Lords explore area around Northern Ferry, slowing heading north.

Scion 11 Riding up the Old Empire Road, and nearing Blackwing Pass, the Lords see signs of movement in the distance. Taking cover in the trees off the side they soon spy 8 trolls marching down the road in their direction.

Game 021 (5/5/13)


Archmage 29 – Lord Bronin sends a letter of apology to Sir Gregory and invites him back into the Council. The Council meets and discusses the rights of the Council and the authority of the Lord over it.

Archmage 30 – Administration of the Kingdom

Sundawn 1 – A vigil is held for Lady Lili and the women who died in the coven attack.

Sundawn 2 – Bronin asks a small group to investigate a mysterious “barn” mentioned by the wildlanders from the Company of the Star. Traveling to a lumber development about a day’s ride south of Knight’s Keep, the group soon learns that a score of wildlanders weathered the storm in one of their storage barns. A mysterious blood pool is found within, but no body.
Sundawn 4 – A lumber skiff is arranged to assist searching the banks of the Tuskwater downriver from the lumber operation. During the search, Simon directs the skiff to the Vesket’s lizardfolk settlement and enlists their aid in searching the river for a body.

Sundawn 5 – The search party arrives at the southern ford where Loy Resbin and Latricia Evanore have formed a camp and recruited a few dozen others to help them restore the old Empire Bridge and found a community around the site. As they arrive, they notice a blank green flag flying over the camp, and when speaking to Latricia, Simon notices an illustration of a tatzlewyrm among the excavation and site documents in her tent. Latricia explains that it was one suggestion the community has offered as a symbol they might one day use as their local flag. When asked who drew the tatlzewyrm, they are introduced to Emraeli, a forlorn, yet kindly elven woman who is a freed Talon from the Kor Empire, and talented magical diviner. Once a local resident a few centuries back, Emraeli returned to her home looking to establish a library.

As evening approaches, Lord Bronin rides into camp with news – Arven the Fisherman, whose wife was one of the victims of the coven, recalled that she was visited by a prostitute named Faelin a few times shortly before the cult was exposed, and once asked Arven himself about the logging developments to the south of Knight’s Keep. Arven heard that Faelin was suddenly missing from the city, and reported it to Bronin. With a description of Faelin in hand, the group investigates further and are told by Loy that he saw a woman of Faelin’s description enter the camp three nights previous. The group asks Emraeli to help seek Faelin with her magic. She does so, and explains that the woman rides with a group of wildlanders somewhere along the old Empire Road. Giving chase is discussed, with some hesitant to cross the border into the lands of Baron Drelev for fear of creating in incident. The group decides to wait a day, hoping to flag down a boat to speed them downriver.

Sundawn 6 – No boats arrive and Bronin calls off pursuit. The group returns to Knight’s Keep. Funds and resources are assigned to assist Loy and Letricia complete the bridge across the Tuskwater at the tatzlewyrm ford.
Sundawn 7 – Sundawn 30 Lord Bronin and his Council dedicate time to managing the Nation of Syradel.
Terran 1 – Terran 30 Lord Bronin and his Council dedicate time to managing the Nation of Syradel. The Town of Drakehaven is founded on the site of the tatzlewyrm ford.

"Lost Boys"
Game 020 (04/14/13)

Tig the mighty

Archmage 25 – Night

Bronin gathers his council and asks them individually if they think they hold some responsibility for the coven of witches and Lili’s death. Those who deny responsibility are asked to leave. Sir Gregory is one of these, and takes offense at being dismissed. After a short discussion with those who remained, Bronin asks the others back inside, but learns that Gregory has already left the keep. A messenger later finds him at Armaki’s Inn of the Holy Bottle, but Gregory refuses the return.

Archmage 26
Bronin calls the citizens of Knight’s Keep to a meeting at the Town Hall where he attempts to garner support and improve moral, but his unprepared speech is not well received. As the meeting ends Tig’s mother approaches Bronin and the council asking after Tig, who has gone missing again. Bronin, Gregory, Simon, and the Professor set out to find him. Asking around town Gregory learns from a stableboy that Tig left town to hunt werewolves dressed in furs taken from inn patrons. Following tracks and educated guesses they eventually find one of Tig’s footprints among a group of lizardfolk, whom are tracked back to their savage village southwest down the Tuskwater.

Archmage 27
At the gates they confront the lizardfolk, learn they found and captured Tig, and that their leader, King Vesket, plans to sacrifice him to an unknown diety called Stisshak. When Vesket emerges from one of their crude huts, he threatens the group and a battle ensues. As the Lizardfolk fall, the false diety Stisshak appears and is recognized as a will o’ wisp. Though it nearly kills Gregory, the group manages to defeat the evil creature, rescue Tig, and convince Vesket to accept Bronin’s authority. On the ride back Tig reveals that a few swigs from a Lord Bronin was the reason for his truancy, casting suspicion on the Professor for having spiked drinks at the Holy Bottle.

Archmage 28
Returning to Knight’s Keep with Tig gains a small measure of trust back from the citizens, but other issues rise in the form of a deligation from the Ascari awaiting Bronin as he rides back into the keep. With them are his sister Calistra, and mother Aliandra, who immediately takes Bronin aside for a scathing lecture about his failings as the Chartered Lord. Throughout the ordeal Bronin maintains his composure, attempting to appear strong and unshaken in his resolve.

Later, Bronin approaches Sir Gregory at the Holy Bottle for a private discussion, but a public argument ensues, reigniting old grievances and leading to Gregory’s official departure from the council.

Eager to fill the vacancy in his council, Bronin offers the position to his sister Calistra, who declines on the advice of their mother. Bronin then approaches the inkeeper Armaki, but he declines it for fear of upsetting the people.

That evening, a few members of the council meet to discuss the turn of recent events, their responsibilities, and the current balance of power in Syradel.

"The Coven of Cegilune"
Game 019 (1/11/13)

Witch snow mod

Archmage 18 Snow falls on Knight’s Keep. The Professor arranges with Dozor to have a sample of troll’s blood sent to Rhynis at Oleg’s Trading Post. While talking to Dozor, he is informed that a female elf named Shian came to him asking for alchemical components similar to those used by the Professor himself. Following up on the curious visitors, the Professor discovers they stayed at Armaki’s near the beginning of the month. Having received a cold welcome from Lili upon his return to Knight’s Keep, he becomes annoyed when she seems to be avoiding him in favor of spending time with the women watching over Goody Niska. Visiting Simon’s cottage where Goody is being tended to, he is given a cold reception from Elva, who challenges his authority over Goody and women in general. Lili attempts the same, but is cowed by Bronin’s harsh tone and returns defeated to the keep with him.

Archmage 19-20 Snow falls. Rest and Administration. Further effots by Bronin to chastise and discipline Lili come to mixed results over the next few days.

Archmage 21 The Professor is informed by letter from Armaki of the arrival of the strange elves reported by Dozor. Making his way to the Holy Bottle, the Professor seeks them out and introduces himself. He learns they are Captain Vanadir Arideth and Adept Shian Telgalad – members of the Company of the Star. Claiming to be on a recruiting mission in the area, they travel with two Wildlander barbarians named Orik and Doyle – guides and soldiers in the company familiar with the Feralwood. Shian reveals a surprising knowledge of alchemy, as well as an interest in magic items found the region, particularly a crystal sphere she calls a “map”. Bearing a resemblance to the elemental gem found near Arven’s Fishing hole, the Professor brings them to Simon to examine it but say that it is not what they are looking for. Being helpful, Simon suggests they seek out the dryad Tiressia, who might know more about such things in the region. Eventually Gaiar is informed of the elves’ presence in town and arrives at the Inn to investigate as well, but upon seeing them quickly withdraws. His odd behavior is witnessed by Gregory, and when confronted Gaiar explains that they are his people, but until he knows what side of an old political conflict they stand on, as well as their current intentions, he will not reveal himself to them. His suggestion to “borrow” some of their possessions for examination is rebuffed by Gregory as theft, and a resolution for the situation comes to an impasse. Tig is sent to spy on the elves, but cannot understand their language. The professor, under the effects of an invisibility extract, does likewise to better results, learning that they are wary of the attention they’ve attracted, concerned about the stability of their wildlander companions, wish to move on as soon as the storm breaks, and mention a “barn” somewhere.

Archmage 22-23 A blizzard snows in Knight’s Keep.

Archmage 24 The blizzard continues. With the help of the Professor and Tig, Gaiar manages to slip the Wildlanders a Lord Bender, which sends them into a deadly game of archery involving teeth, and knife manipulation involving fingers. They survive the experience, but are heavily bandaged the morning after. Tig, having stolen a few swallows of the feywine-spiked ale as well, goes missing.

Archmage 25 The blizzard continues. Goody Niska goes into labor at Simon’s cottage. Elva brings a group of women to assist in the birth, but suddenly attacks Simon with another mysterious woman, both using clerical magic. Simon barely manages to escape and make his way to the Holy Bottle for backup, finding Sir Gregory and Gaiar there. Sending Gaiar to the Keep for more reinforcements, Simon and Gregory return to the cottage where they are confronted by Elva leading a handful of poorly armed local townswomen including a young prostitute named Luna, a crippled old widow named Agatha, and Arven the fisherman’s wife Magda. As Simon and Gregory force their way through the women, a very bloody and disheveled Goody Niska emerges from the back room and begins using powerful witchcraft upon the two men. The two manage to hold out long enough for Gaiar to arrive with Bronin and the Professor, and with their combined skill Elva and Goody are quickly defeated. Lili is found murdered in the back room along with a living newborn baby girl. The last member of the coven, the mysterious woman who attacked Simon with Elva, is tracked through the storm to the shore of Lake Tuskwater, where the markings of a boat are discovered leading to the icy water.

"A Circle of Women"
Game 018 (1/1/13)

Reaper 21-28 Administrative duties. Bronin awards 4 out of 5 of the Mionnfhainne (Oath Rings) to a few of his sworn men (Kesten, Gregory, Clyburn, and Tremal). At the suggestion of Tremal, Bronin meets with Loy and Letricia about developing the ruined waypoint where the Old Empire Road once crossed the Seelie River and the Tatzlewyrm nest was found. Bronin agrees to give them authority to survey and develop the location, though he does not grant funds for development yet. Gregory witnesses Tig trying to fight the logger Corax in Armaki’s inn, newly renamed the Inn of the Holy Bottle. Tig accuses Corax of withholding money from his father, but cannot prove it. For his efforts, Gregory puts him in a jail cell under the Keep for a couple days to scare him strait. Tig withstands the process surprisingly well, displaying an obstinate mettle in the face of fear.
Reaper 29 Expedition prepares to leave Knight’s Keep, but spots Goody Niska watching them as they ride out of town. Circling back, they track her down and attempt to restrain her, realizing she is very pregnant in the process. The decision is made to tie her up and bring her to into town for her and her unborn child’s protection. Failing to talk sense to her, she is put into the care of Lili and a small group of women that includes Saki the barmaid, Magda (Arven’s wife), Elva the Fishmonger, and Agatha (an old crippled widow ). Lili does not handle the situation well, surrendering authority to Elva, who seems the most capable of the group.
Reaper 30 Expedition resumes, heading west into the deeper Feralwood
Archmage 1-2 Exploration continues
Archmage 3 Explore *Lizardfolk Settlement led by “King” Vesket found where the Tuskwater meets the Seelie River. Negotiations fail though the expedition leaves them be for the time being.
Archmage 4-5 Exploration continues
Archmage 6 Explore *The expedition finds Arven’s secret fishing hole and defeats the fearsome snap-turtle Old Crackjaw that lurks there.
Archmage 7 Bronin and Tremal depart for Knight’s Keep with Crackjaws shell. Simon, Gregory, and the Professor continue to explore.
Archmage 8 Explore *A Leucrotta stalks the expedition at night, but is slain when it attempts an ambush. (At Knight’s Keep Bronin and Tremal are awarded Arven’s ring of featherfall for defeating Old Crackjaw)
Archmage 9-10 The group searches for the leucrotta’s lair, eventually tracking it to a secluded valley where a small, but valuable, treasure is found, including a breastplate and shield of blue dragonhide and a magical feather token similar to one of Tiressia’s tree-growing acorns.
Archmage 11-12 Exploration continues, though it is delayed for a time due to a supernatural marsh mist that slows Sir Gregory’s horse to a listless pace.
Archmage 13 The expedition discovers a mud hut at the edge of the marsh. Courtesy and diplomacy brings forth the hag-like resident of the hovel, a woman who calls herself Beldame. Remembering that Myhm once said his mother was called Beldame, they quickly confirm her identity. Expressing joy that Myhm has returned to the Feralwood and that Ox still lives as well, Beldame asks about her third son, Ansil (whom she called her little “River”). Apparently Ansil was taken long ago by the Stag Lord’s men before he had settled in the Fort on the lake – none of those present knew of his fate. The meeting is very informative about both the nature of the fey and the dangerous man known as Kobb. At one point the Professor asks about Beldame’s herb and mushroom garden and learns that she has been seeking Black Rattlecaps, a rare mushroom that the Professor happens to have a small supply of (she offers to buy them for 100gp each).
Archmage 14 The party arrives and successfully negotiates logging term with Tiressia. Simon asks after more of her magical tree-acorns in order to assist in the creation of a grove for fey to be included within the walls of the Church of Heironeous when it is built. Tiressia considers the request, but currently has no acorns to offer.
Archmage 15 The party travels towards Melianse’ Pond. Beldame arrives at Knight’s Keep, seeking out Myhm.
Archmage 16 The party arrives and successfully negotiates logging terms with Melianse.
Archmage 17 Expedition returns to Knight’s Keep.


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