Touch of Fey

"Eight is Enough"

Game 023 (7/28/13)

Campfire trap

Scion 11 While tracking troll activity in the northern Greenbelt, the Lords spy a group of eight trolls marching down the Northern Empire Road out of Blackwing Pass. Deciding the a fight against such odds was not in their favor, they withdraw towards Lake Candlemere. Lord Bronin attempts to use an alchemical reagent mixed up by the Professor to help aid their escape, but accidentally spills some on himself and makes himself an easier target for the trolls to track. The trolls spot him and give chase, following the Lords for hours before a safe crossing is found along the Tuskwater. With the trolls right on their heels, the Lords take a stand on favorable terrain across the river and manage to slay 5 trolls and drive off the other 3.

Scion 12 Note: This date marks the one year anniversary of the Lord’s arrival in the Greenbelt.
After camping and healing, the Lords track the 3 trolls that fled the fight at the crossing, and soon catch up with two of them at the abandoned ferry town on the north side of Lake Candlemere. Calling them out, the Lords swiftly defeat them with their superior numbers and tactics. Tracking the last troll north, the Lords follow its trail to an old Empire-built watchtower overlooking the southern entrance to Blackwing Pass. Under the protection of invisibility, the Professor scouts the exterior of the watchtower and discovers at least half-a-dozen more trolls have taken up residence within. Unable to escape the giants advanced sense of smell, the Professor withdraws without being able to see more than one chamber within the watchtower, though he suspects that the trolls might have a spellcaster after one was heard ordering someone be brought out to help find the source of the “smell”. As night falls, the Lords withdraw to the abandoned ferry town and rest the night.

Scion 13 A plan is made to draw out a patrol of trolls using a false campsite just within sight of the Watchtower, but after finding a suitable place and waiting all night for trolls to take the bait, the Lords decide the plan somehow failed and return to the abandoned ferry town to rest during the following day.

Scion 14 Around noon, as most of the Lords lay resting within ruins of the town, a group of four trolls arrive at the outskirts after having tracked the Lords down. Another battle is fought, and despite some of the Lords entering combat unarmored they are victorious. During the battle Akiros displays the first sign that his Paladin powers might be returning when he successfully calls upon Heironeous to smite one of the trolls.



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