Male Human Barbarian (Brutal Pugilist) 5
NG Medium Humanoid (Human)

Myhm full


Myhm and his brothers were born to a woods witch named Beldame on the edge of the Feralwood in the years before the fall of Atalan and the withdrawal of the Kor Empire. They grew up in a land increasingly overrun by the monsters, bandits, fey magic, and the wild nature of the Feralwood. When Myhm was eight, bandits attacked his home. They killed his father, abducted his older brother Ansil, and cracked the skull of his younger brother Brue, leaving him a simpleton for life. Myhm and his mother escaped by hiding under the magic of an invisibility spell.

After the attack, Myhm’s mother struggled to provide for her two remaining boys, especially two very large boys like Myhm and Brue, so she sent Myhm to live with his uncle, a woodsman named Darrew, in the Elderwood forest near the Kor city of Brinok. With him, Myhm spent his formative years logging trees and growing into a giant of a man. Meanwhile, the Northern Feralwood was growing as well, becoming ever more wild and dangerous, overrunning strongholds, roads, and whole villages. With each new story of danger and horror from the area Darrew became more hesitant to return.

Then the castle appeared, floating over the edge of the Feralwood, and with it, rumors of new lords being tasked with restoring and settling the lands. Feeling it was time to return to his home and seek out his family, Myhm set out with a caravan headed to the chartered lands.

It has been ten years since Myhm has seen the land he was born in, and the one he has returned to bears little resemblance to that of his memories…


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