Group Treasure and Armory

Master Treasure List

Bracers of AC +1 (500gp if sold) *Tartuk Professor
Boots of Striding and Springing (2600gp if sold) *Tartuk Sir Simon
Masterwork sickle (151gp if sold) *Tartuk Krolhm
Masterwork light shield (55gp if sold) *Tartuk Lord Bronin
Small book written in Aklo containing a magic scroll of Fly (188gp if sold) tucked in the back *Tartuk
Amulet of Strength +2 or Wisdom +2 (one at a time) *Lord Hagarth Argin (Description - has the symbol of Heironeous on one side and Kord on the other) **SIMON
Davik’s spear (+1 intelligent spear that can take the following shapes: shortspear/spear/longspear/lance – inflicts an additional +1 point of cold damage, and is great for chilling drinks.) **GREGORY
Stag Lord’s Armor (acts as +1 studded leather armor) **MYHM
+1 composite longbow (+2 strength) *Stag Lord **BRONIN
+1 amulet of natural armor *Stag Lord (Description: a shaped wooden leaf on a braided silk cord) **PROFESSOR
+1 rapier *Dovan **TREMAL
+1 studded leather armor *Dovan **Krolhm
+1 Kukri *Kressle **BRONIN
Potion of lesser restoration *Auchs **GREGORY
1 Potions of cure light wounds *Witch
1 Potions of cure moderate wounds *Witch
Potion of barkskin *Witch
Oil of gentle repose *Witch
Nitharit Poison (contact – DC 13 – onset 1 min – 1/min for 6 min. – 1d3 con – 1 save cure) 375gp if sold *Witch Professor

Unidentified Magic Items

Helm of the Forest Lord (when removed from the Stag Lord the large antlers sprouting from it withered and fell to dust. After being worn by Bronin for a time the helm has begun to take the shape of a horse’s head with a mane flowing down the back)
Wand of Magic Missiles (charges ?) *Tartuk Professor
12 magical arrows (1920gp) *Tartuk Lord Bronin


Small Silver Mirror - 100gp if sold *Hidden shrine to Olidammara at the Temple of the Old Gods **PROFESSOR
Masterwork studded leather *Stag Lord’s Treasure ** Tremmel
Masterwork longsword *Stag Lord ** Sir Simon
Masterwork Heavy Crossbow *Jex the Snitch
Masterwork Handaxe *Kressle **DOES MYHM OR GAIAR HAVE THIS?
Composite longbow (+2 STR) *Happs **DOES SIR GREGORY HAVE THIS?
29 suits of leather armor (5gp each if sold) 145gp if all sold
35 short swords (5gp each if sold) 175gp if all sold
10 spears (1gp each if sold) 10gp if all sold
4 longspears (3gp each if sold) 12gp if all sold
18 daggers (1gp each if sold) 18gp if all sold
28 longbows (38gp each if sold) 1064 if all sold
560 arrows
Four 50’ hemp ropes
Set of chisels, 2 hammers, 3 tins of iron nails
10 pints lamp oil
50 candles


12 riding horses (38gp each if sold)
Trained light horse *Happs **SIMON
Trained light horse *Stag Lord **Lilly

Bulk Items

Basic supplies (lumber, firewood, lamp oil, blankets) 1000gp *This has been set aside to pay for rebuilding Davick’s Bridge
Trade goods (pelts, furs, tobacco, iron, bronze, misc adventuring gear) 6500gp *This has been set aside to pay for rebuilding Davick’s Bridge


Pewter buckle depicting a pair of winged women entwined 30gp *Stag Lord’s Treasure
Silver charm bracelet 60gp *Stag Lord’s Treasure


A framed woodcut illustration from Zuddiger’s Picnic *Stag Lord’s Treasure Description: This page depicts an elated Zuddiger standing before a strange, but beautiful elven-looking woman wearing a dress made from vines and leaves – she holds a spoon in one hand and a frightened crow in the other. In the background, a large house rises on an island. Written at the bottom are the words: “As it turned out, neither did that nasty crow!”

Currency (From Tartuk the Kobold Shaman, and Moon Radishes)
22 Platinum
938 Gold
246 Silver

Received Rewards

Quest Reward from Oleg (Svetlana’s Ring) 1000gp in Trading Post credit

Lord bronin standard

Group Treasure and Armory

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